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Training Programmes

Area of Operation

DIET has a working area of the district. Bassically, It works in Primary Education. The teacher as well as the pupils of primary school are benifited due to the different type of training programme.Pupils are enriched their Knowledge and experience through "BAL-MELA", "RAMATOTSAV", "SCIENCE–MATHS EXHIBITION".

DIET also works at Secondary and Higher-Secondary School.Students are gain their knowledge and experience by Adolecence Education Training and get confudence in life. Teacher and Student of the district are also benifited by AIDS Awarness Programme. Population Awarness Programme etc.. Students take part in SCIENCE AND MATHS EXHIBITION.

BRC Co. at block level and CRC Co. at cluster level are trained in different type of training as per their need.

The principal and lecturer of PTTI of Surat district are strengthing their capacity by valuable guidence and support of DIET.It also helps other agencies likeSSAM,DRDA,NIRANTAR SHIKSHAN,TALUKA PANCHAYAT etc. for educational training programme as per their need.

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For the Training DIET adopts cascade model of training.

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